Cross curricular - The titles are selected for their relevance with an emphasis on curriculum-related graphic novels. Suggested reading levels are categorized by grades and interest levels are categorized by age. Canadian titles are placed at the top of the list and selected titles are categorized by subject. Although each title on the list has been placed in a specific subject, some of them are interdisciplinary and could support more than one subject of study. The books in the following list are some great examples of curriculum-related graphic novels that you can integrate into your ESL classrooms or ESL reading programs as well as your regular ones. - Great article on should kids play superheroes - - article on graphic novels across the curriculum, incorporating comics (new literacies)
` - Free comic generator. Very interactive, easy to use. Students can create their own comics. Can be used for any subject area.


Articles - “How can super heroes be used to teach math to kids” – Article on the various strategies used to incorporate the use of comics/superheroes into math curriculum.

Programs - math game program (to be bought) - Come fly away with our superhero friends, The Groovin Gourmet, Blit, and Marlena. Choose your superhero, and your mission location, and then use your brainpower to guide your way to victory. This game has 50 levels of difficulty ranging from the most basic addition and subtraction all the way up to algebra. - Imagine learning math from a Superhero... What do you get when all the fun of a Nickelodean TV game show - the crazy games, the wacky stunts and the outrageous antics - collides with elementary math terms and lessons? You get "Superhero Math," the most ambitious assembly show ever to capture your students' interests and ignite their imaginations. Students meet a real-life Superhero who shrinks to 8" tall as they participate in measurement games, divides into ninths as they hear about fractions and then geometrically vanishes into a shape-filled puzzle! Plus after 14 kids participate on stage, everyone takes home top-secret instruction sheets so they can prove to their families that the real math superhero is living under their roof.

Games - superhero math card game - Associating math with superheroes is a genius idea, since boys (and some girls!) are fascinated by this genre. The heroes are all-new and unique to Numbers League — you won’t find Superman or Spiderman in this game, but you will find expertly illustrated characters, both male and female, who will capture your grandchildren’s imagination and get them excited to practice their math skills in a fun and creative way. Numbers League: Adventures in Addiplication is meant for 2-4 players ages 8 and up. Very simply put, the superheroes must defeat the villains by exactly matching their number using basic math. There are two levels of play. You can also purchase a Numbers League Infinity Level Expansion Kit, which raises the age level to 11 and up and the number of players to 6. It includes multiplication of simple decimals and multiplying by negative numbers. - free online, interactive superhero math game that incorporates addition and subtraction. This game is best used for primary grades or with students who are struggling with basic computational facts.

Books/Supplies - Superhero math posters that can be purchased for $10. – Superhero math book (grades K-4) Leonard is no ordinary kid—he’s enrolled in Superhero School, where leaping tall buildings in a single bound is considered child’s play. If only division, fractions, and multiplication came as naturally, and weren’t so, well, ordinary. But when the kids’ math teacher, Mr. Tornado, and the rest of the staff get kidnapped by ice zombies, Leonard and his pals find themselves using every superhero trick in the book—not to mention a few unexpected math skills— to divide (and conquer!) the enemy. - 2nd grade math book - Illustrated with kids' favorite characters from Marvel and DC Comics, each new Math Made Easy workbook is filled with exercises for home learning that feature problems and practice questions. Math has never been as exciting as it is with Superman, Spider-Man, Batman, and Wolverine! – Ages 9-12 - Elementary-level math becomes an exercise in humor and fun when kids open this funny cartoon-illustrated fantasy. The story's cast of characters includes Lostis Marbles, the mayor of Mathopolis, who loves numbers but usually gets them all mixed up . . . his assistant Trusty Dusty, who helps the mayor keep track of his math mix-ups . . . Mongrel Smith, the town's stray dog . . . and math superheroes, who use different methods to solve all kinds of problems. The Superheroes are Elexus Estimator, who is quick at estimating volume, height, weight, and the like . . . and Maverick Measurer, who values accuracy above all else when making math calculations and getting answers. A mysterious character shows up in the town of Mathopolis, and the many problems that he brings with him can be solved by applying math principles. The math Superheroes show young readers exactly how. Students will be entertained by the crazy episodes even as they encounter one math word problem after another. Meanwhile, they are effortlessly learning how to think, calculate, and come up with the right answers in mathematical terms. The book is filled with black and white illustrations.


Articles - Incorporating Superheroes into Art – Unit outline

Lesson Plans - Students create a new superhero and write a comic strip about the superhero! Can be used for any grade level - Sculpting lesson plan where students create their own superhero - Students sing the "Primary Color Song" to remind them of the three most powerful colors. They are reminded that the primary colors can be used to make any other color. Students create images of "Primary Color Super Heroes" using cut paper and glue. - creating comics blog – Projects, units, lesson plan for all grade levels. Information on superhero integration into various curricula.
Special Education

Articles – Article about how to incorporate students with disabilities into superhero curriculum.

Program - Superheroes Social Skills is an evidence-based program that enhances the social competence of elementary students with autism spectrum disorders (ASD), behavioral disorders, or developmental delays. Superheroes was specifically designed to improve the social skills of high-functioning children with ASD, but is also appropriate for any student who needs to learn to interact appropriately with peers and adults. Superheroes teaches 17 critical social skills.

Integration – math game program - Subjects covered in the Mighty Math Calculating Crew using a fun, super-hero theme are: problem solving, inductive and deductive reasoning, estimation and rounding, 3D geometry and spatial thinking skills, 1 to 4 digit addition and subtraction with carrying and borrowing, 1 to 3 digit multiplication and division (concepts and facts through long division), money transactions (computing cost and making change), whole fractions, numbers, and decimals on a number line (Ordering, +, -, x, ÷).
Children learn about multiplication and division of whole numbers and decimals, number line concepts, 3D shapes and their properties, and money transactions. In four activities, students recover hidden treasures, deliver essential supplies to a distant planet, and examine 2D shapes and 3D solids which children can then print - I especially love this part of the program - it's great for exercising visualization skills. – iPad apps for Students with disabilities